Letters of Gratitude


I am not a Mother, so Mother’s Day means something different to me than it does to many women out there.

If I am completely honest, motherhood frightens me.

There are a dozen reasons to be terrified of becoming a parent, and as Darrick and I get nearer to the reality of adopting a child and growing our family, I find myself more often looking for answers to my big questions.


Luckily I am surrounded by examples of women becoming great moms.

I have watched nearly every one of my friends take on the challenge, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has grown into a kinder, more patient, more content version of themselves through the experience.

I have also watched them grow through the challenges and learn because of the struggles.

And so for my Healthy Beauty Mother’s Day Challenge, I wanted to take the time to tell them how much I admire them, and to thank them for being such positive role models of parenting.

I decided to write the moms in my life letters to tell them that I see and am inspired by their efforts of love. ♥

I fully believe there is not a mom out there who is appreciated enough, and so I wanted to show my appreciation for these strong women.

I always have a plethora of stationery and note cards at the ready, and so I dug through my bin to find what felt right.

I had a few pretty options. I also had some very pretty forever stamps on hand which always dress up an envelope.

I sat in bed one afternoon with the window open to let in the breeze, and I concentrated on all the joy and sorrow I have seen my friends and family feel throughout their parenting experiences.

I let my fear and insecurities surface and with each one, I thought of a time when the wonderful ladies in my life showed me examples of how to be brave, handle diversity, and to remain an individual while creating and raising another human.


My eyes welled up more than once, and my throat tightened with emotions with every single letter.


I wrote 22 letters of gratitude! 22!


When I finished addressing the last one, it occurred to me that while I thought I was giving each of these moms a gift this Mother’s Day, for the past decade they have been sharing gifts with me.

The community of strong, independent, brave mothers around me let me know that as I step forward toward parenting myself, I will be fully supported by these loving women.

Happy Mother’s Day.


See what everyone else did ♥