Look, Ma! I'm a Mythical Princess! (Kind of?)


I don’t get dressed up in costume as much as I used to, and I definitely don’t as much as Becca and Damaris (did you see Damaris’s most recent brown moth costume?!).

But since I do consider myself a creative person, I figured I could kind of just jump into this challenge!


After a quick Google search and no real plan, I figured I should start with a good base.

So I applied my regular makeup—without too much care—foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.


Then things got weird.

I had purchased four makeup items from the drugstore. I tried my best not to spend too much, since I was pretty sure I would find them in the back of my drawer in a year or so, and then throw them away.

Here’s what I got:

  1. A silver cream eye shadow

  2. A fun palette of eye shadows

  3. Purple lip stick

  4. Eyelashes (I love me some eyelashes!)


Since I wasn’t sure what to do with most of it, I figured I’d apply some lipstick to get me started. Being someone who rarely wears lipstick, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the look.

Maybe my nude-only lips will get an upgrade my next night out!


Next, to apply some of the eye shadow from the palette, I used my “pink sponge thingy” because I could make it wet and it already had some foundation on it.

So my dry eye shadow became creamy and I was able to spread it around my face easier.


And that’s exactly what I did, haha.

I just started spreading it around—some blue, some purple.

Why not?!


And then I learned my first lesson.

Things can get muddy—fast. I felt like it was looking good, but then I got a little too excited, and added one too many things.

Time to rein it in…


Happy enough with the colors, I moved on to the silver cream shadow.

First I added a little to my lip to make it more dramatic and to add some dimension.


And then I kept going, adding some to my nose, then some to my checks, and eventually covering my entire face, which gave my skin a surreal, almost alien glow.

It was awesome, as it was just a shade different from my natural skin. But really, if you are going to do this, the cream eye shadow is probably the fist thing you should apply.

Oh well.


Last, I added some purple to my eyebrows and under my eyes as eyeliner (remember, it was already on my lips!). I felt like this was the most successful thing I did!

Putting the same, really fun, bright purple color in places where makeup already normally goes created a pretty look that was still dramatic and fun.

In the end I probably would have kept it simpler—silver cream shadow all over the face; then purple liner, eyebrows, and lips; a dramatic lash; and Voila! It was all actually pretty easy and could be done in less than 10 minutes.

Bring on Halloween!


See what everyone else did ♥