Lucy's Birthday Cake

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I’ve always believed that desserts should satisfy your inner child.

I’m the kind of person to gravitate toward a warm chocolate chip cookie on a dessert menu rather than a rose-flavored pot de crème.

No matter how elegant a meal was, I like to end it with chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel.

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Some years back I started making my niece, Lucy's, birthday cake.

She is vivacious, talented, sincere, and I am truly blessed to be her aunt and Godmother.

Because she was born on the 4th of July, we always find ourselves on the beach out in Fire Island with a ton of little kids and big kids alike, all sharing one tiny house.

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Before all of this happens, I make sure to schedule a “meeting” with Lucy and discuss what she’s into that year.

Now the cakes I make are not elegant, not perfect, but are designed for one specific reasonto make a little girl's jaw drop when it is put in front of her.

It’s a true exercise in satisfying your inner child, and in this case a real child named Lucy.

Lucy Cake 8.jpg

In years past I have done a S’mores Cake, which required bringing my torch and an absurd amount of marshmallows out to the beach house.

I’ve done layers of brownie and cake covered in chocolate chip cookies and M&M’s.

And most recently I baked cake into ice cream cones and topped each with a handmade emoji cookie.

Lucy Cake 6.jpg

I only once took on an ice cream cake, a mistake when you have to prepare it in a hot, non-air conditioned house that has an old fridge.

This year I plan to continue my streak of topping what I did the year before...

Lucy Cake 5.jpg

Yes, I’m pregnant with twins and can barley bend over if I drop a spoon, but this is important.

At the end of the day this is what cooking is all about...

Lucy Cake 1.jpg

...A simple act to make someone feel your love for them. ♥

There are many ways to convey the feeling of love, but I’d have to put a bellyful of chocolate and caramel at the top of the list.

Lucy Cake 2.jpg

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