Making It a Habit


So here's the truth: getting your make up professionally done is awesome!

I come to work with damp hair and a naked face and a team transforms me as I drink my coffee and chat about life.

If this were everyday, then I'm sure I would have different things to say this week, but it's not, and because of that I have a love-hate relationship with makeup and beauty products in general. 


I love looking pretty, however I HATE doing my make-up, curling my hair, moisturizing...

If I'm honest, I have trouble consistently washing my face.

Soooooo in everyday life you will find me naked-faced with my hair in a bun.

I'm barely using beauty products I have at home, so this week's challenge to make a homemade beauty product is way out of my wheel house.

I have got nothing. Truly.

I decided I was gonna make home made deodorant and then I never did.

So let me tell you where I am and the successes I'm trying to have in the beauty department...


I have a friend who sells Arbonne. I bought a whole face care regime back in September and have used it 12 times.

Seven of those have been in the last week.


I also have the cutest travel skin care kit that I keep packed in my luggage.

They are tiny, but still not empty, if that tells you anything about my skin care routine. 


I won a gift card for a facial at a spa in Louisville and I went in last week for my first Hydrafacial.

I left with "clean slate"a hydrated face and a promise to do take better care of my skin.

And more face products...

In addition to the above skin care lines, I also have any number of facial masks and eye pads at all times. I use the eye pads when I take red eye flights sometimes, but not always.

So what's the deal with me? Clearly I like buying skin care products. I like to imagine that I am the type of lady who has a special headband for holding back my hair as I preform my nightly routine. I even like the actual act of taking care of my skin. But for the life of me I struggle with making it a habit.

And so this week, my personal challenge is this: I am going to wash and moisturize my skin everyday for 30 days.

I'm on day seven. 


While I can't say I've seen a huge difference, I can tell you that when I'm wearing a full face of makeup my skin is feels less dry.


And I've noticed that on my off days I can add just a touch of mascara and not look half bad.

So I know I didn't make a product, but I do feel like this week offered a challenge for me, and I do think it offered some success.

Now keep your fingers crossed that it will continue! 

See what everyone else did ♥