Meat Off the Plate

As most of you know, I’m a Meat On The Side type-of-girl. Since I limit the amount of meat I use in my recipes, I really have to make sure my veggies are special enough to be the entrée portion of the plate.

So by challenging the girls to a "Meatless Week," I’m hoping to be inspired by a lot of new ways to do veggies. And of course it’s always fun to get a sneak peak into someone else's fridge and really see what they eat day to day.

Here's how my week went…



I totally forgot that my Meatless week had begun (I seriously haven't been able to think straight since my daughter was born!) and had these scallops. A fail on the challenge, but they were super tasty with wild mushrooms and brown butter.



 I started the day with some organic cereal, half of which my daughter gobbled up.

Lunch was a Classic Cheddar and Tomato Sandwich from Pret A Manger, but I switched out their tomatoes with mine. I could have just made my recipe for Tomato + Cheddar Sandwich with Lemon Aioli and saved a buck, but when my hunger hit...I needed it NOW!

Finally for dinner I made one of my favorite dishes--that also happens to be vegetarian--my Spaghetti Squash Crust Pizza.


Wednesday + Thursday:

I suddenly had a couple of days with no plans so I decided to cleanse. After weeks and weeks of indulging, I just needed a complete break. So I drank this stuff for two days and let my body detox.

Just in time for the weekend 😉



I decided to break my cleanse in the morning with a smoothie (my daughter was not interested in my brownish-green concoction) and then I spent the day recipe testing. I figured I’d work on a classic vegetarian dish: the veggie burger.

So I made a new version of my Ultimate Veggie Burger with black beans and farro (it turned out awesome!) and enjoyed some for both lunch and dinner.



More cereal, veggie burger leftovers, and for dinner a salad with Buffalo sauce-covered chickpeas and blue cheese dressing. Yum!



I’m feeling pretty good about our vegetarian week, but my husband is itching for something a little heavier...

So I pull out all the stops with my Cauliflower Risotto and everyone goes to bed happy and very, very full.

See what everyone else ate ♥