Memory Wreaths


What I’ve come to love most about holiday time is the magic that swirls through the air and in each decorated home. Almost everyone celebrates, no matter what their beliefs.

It’s a time of year when even in our differences, we are somewhat in sync. For me, that’s the magic part of it. As a kid, of course it was Santa and the stories of his magic sleigh and presents. Now that has become a feeling of sentimentality, the remembrance to be more empathetic, and thoughts that I should slow down and appreciate each moment.

I wanted to make a wreath that embraced some of those ideals and that sentimentality. My daughter, Jude, has a lot of books—so many that we often put some in the little (free) libraries around town and donate some in other ways as well.

But there are some that I want her to have for when she’s able to read on her own, and to read with or give to her possible future children.


So using a couple of those extra special books for this challenge seemed perfect! I took pages from some of our holiday books, wrapped them around a wreath base, and added a picture of Jude from her first Christmas. As parents we often buy too many of those pics and don’t have enough people to give them too; this is a great way to use them!

Plus, this will be a great keepsake for Jude someday. I feel like this will be something she will look back on and have warm, fuzzy feelings about.

This is a great, kid-friendly project that builds memories with your loved ones and friends. So give into the spirit and magic of the holidays and find a little time to make some memory wreaths! It couldn’t be easier!



  • foam or cardboard wreath 

  • tape or glue

  • pages from your favorite books

  • photograph

  • bow, ornaments, ribbon, or flowers (optional) 

Step 1:

Cut or rip out the pages you want to wrap around the wreath and begin taping or pasting them where you want them placed. 

Step 2:

Add any embellishments such as bows, flowers, etc. Some of these may require hot glue or floral pins to make them stay on. 

Step 3:

Laugh and put love into it and hang it proudly!

Happy Holidays, everyone!  


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