Microblading Update!


I’ve wanted to try out microblading for awhile now. I follow several accounts in Nashville that offer the service, and the results always look great.

This brow challenge really made me see how much I love a good brow on myself, so I decided to take the plunge and schedule some me-time to get it done!


I did my research to find the person whose work I really like and, who also had a great reputation.

Jelena is a master at her craft, and made me feel so comfortable!


She went through the process of mapping the brows to get the most natural shape for my face, as well as picking the right color to match my current brows.

Microblading is only semi-permanent, so I will have to go back in four to six weeks for a follow-up, and after that I’ll go in occasionally for maintenance.


I love the way they turned out, and now I can roll out of bed in the morning—no brow care needed—and feel great!

See what everyone else did ♥