My "Beat the Heat" Go-Tos!


The heat this week really hit me hard. Suddenly temperatures were in the 90’s, and the humidity must have been at 480000000%.

So this challenge is well-timed!


Darrick and I celebrated our anniversary “glamping.”

The hammocks were in the shade and the cabin had air, but it was still hard to feel pretty in the heat.

Thankfully I had my two “beat the heat” beauty products to help!


Wearing my hair down in summer is a no-go. It is way cooler and less work to pull it up into a bun.

However, my fly-aways are out of control...


I decided to invest in some headbands. I went into Claire’s (an accessories store intended for young girls and teens...). They ALWAYS have a huge clearance section.

While I know this store is intended for kids, I think adults can find great casual options...

Like these headbands! They came two-to-a-pack and each pack was $2.

Also there was an additional sale—buy 3, get 3 free. It’s complicated, but the math works out to be 50₵ a headband! Now that’s a bargain!


One headband later and my hair looked DRAMATICALLY better.

Also, I felt prettier and was cool, so wins all around.


Now, I LOVE my rosebud salve for my lips. Unfortunately, it melts in the heat.

This makes it unusable during the summer, so my second “beat the heat” beauty product was for my lips.


I’ve always been a Burt’s Bees fan, and nowadays the options put out by the brand have really grown.


I was tempted by this tinted lip balm, but I don’t care for the consistency of lip balm in the summer. It feels too heavy.


So I decided to give the tinted lip oil a go!

With a price tag of $9.97, it technically fit the budget, but spending $10 on something I might throw away still felt like a risk.

I tried to Google customer reviews, but didn’t have any luck. So here’s my review...

Before  (left) versus  After  (right)!

Before (left) versus After (right)!

The oil feels hydrating. It's not sticky or heavy, and has a pleasant taste. The color is subtle and adds a nice sheen.

I really like the product and it doesn't melt all over the inside of my bag in the heat!

This was a great challenge for me. I found a way to fancy up my hair buns and discovered a new summer lip oiland all for less than $20!


See what everyone else did ♥