My Eyebrows are Fading!


I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I’ve noticed that my eyebrows have slowly been diminishing over the last few years.

I didn’t realize this was something that could even happen! 


To my dismay, I have tried using castor oil (although not with any real consistency) to help my eyebrows grow and fill in, yet here I am—with no happy results to report.

It occurred to me I would need to take matters into my own hands by doing something a bit more.

However, many of the options out there are time-consuming or not budget friendly. 

I don’t love having to fill in or draw on eyebrows every day.

But when I look at the cost difference of about $30 per year in eyebrow makeup versus $500+ every nine to 15 months for microblading…

Well, let’s just say “Mama didn’t raise no fool.”

I’ve decided that my best option right now is the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable brow pencil. It goes on easy and it’s not a two- or three-step kit you have to learn how to use like most of the other store-bought solutions I found.

I like that it’s user-friendly and has a brow brush on the other end of the pencil, making it compact and easy to take on the go.

And more so, it’s vegan and animal cruelty free! That checks all the boxes for me! 


This week I will post a video on how I use the pencil on the Bluebird + Blackberries Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

For now, the pictures above at least give you the “before” and “after” effects.

If you need help with your brows, like me, I suggest starting with this brow pencil before moving into some of the heavier step solutions and kits. 


See what everyone else did ♥