My Ideal Routine


I have never had trouble sleeping. I used to brag that it was my super power, that I can turn off in a matter of minutes. This is true to this day, however, I have noticed some unrestful nights of sleep through the years. And 95% of the time I sleep poorly, it is because I fell asleep with the T.V. on.

I love the idea of turning on a movie and drifting off to sleep, but the practice doesn’t work for me. My sleep is disturbed by the noise, and by dreams colored by what my sleeping brain is hearing. I wake up a little disoriented because I don’t remember consciously ending the previous day.

I think that we are all so used to being stimulated and entertained on a constant level, that making the switch to being still, in the dark, with our thoughts, can be difficult. This is where my sleep routine helps prepare me for resting.

Here’s my ideal routine for getting unready for the day…


I take a shower or bath. If I need to wash my hair, I shower. Otherwise a warm bath really relaxes me.

An old claw foot tub is one of my favorite things in our house.


This book takes bathing to a level of thoughtful intention around relaxing.

Also, all the essential oils smell divine when slipping into the water.


When I finish bathing, I wrap my hair in a towel and throw on my extremely soft and fuzzy robe.

The tactile sensation is instant warmth and comfort, which in itself is nearly enough to put me to sleep.


I go though my face cleaning and moisturizing (I’ve only recently started doing this regularly, and one month in to a daily skin routine, I can’t tell a difference...).


Brush and floss. 100% transparency here. Flossing EVERY night is new to the routine, too. I was more of a floss-every-few-days kind of lady, but that was no good.

After I brush my hair, I’m pretty much ready to get into bed.


My one MUST have for sleeping is iced water in my thermos next to the bed. So I make sure it’s full.


I always have a book next to the bed, so if I’m feeling really wound up, I read for few minutes.

Sometimes Darrick and I read out loud to each other before bed, which always feels like a wonderful way to end the day. Or we talk.

Just the two of us, cozy in our bed, ending the day with the person we began it with.


When I feel the heaviness of sleep approaching, I take off my robe, kiss Darrick goodnight, slip in my retainers, and close my eyes.

And that is how I get myself unready for the day.


See what everyone else did ♥