Mythical AND Fun!


I am definitely not good with makeup. I never have been. It’s the talent that skipped over me!

That said, I sometimes watch tutorial videos to see if I can learn a thing or two to up my makeup game.


So far, I’m batting zero. But this challenge was fun!

It was more like playing dress-up and just seeing what happened with the makeup, rather than trying to achieve an exact look.


I did search for a couple of pictures of the look I wanted to steer towards, but I also had a good time making it up as I went along!

I think the best part of this challenge was that it reminded me to have fun and not worry so much about making things perfect.


My collection of products was great for this because I don’t really have serious makeup—I just have a couple of things that I’ve used for going out or having an event.

Apparently I have a thing for sparkly eye shadows...who knew?!

That was great for this since I was going for a fairy look; I used the picture below on the left for inspiration.

Side note: Does anyone else have a really hard time using fake lashes?! I just cannot get it right! Can you see in the picture below on the right that they are coming off?! ;)

If you are like me and don’t quite have that eye for glamming up your face, you could try buying a kit! They have some, like the one below, available on Amazon for $10 to $15.


For my look, I started with some Sunkiss Alba Radiant Glow oil…

Then, I used some Rituel De Fille over it to give my skin that super shimmery look.

It worked well, but it’s hard to see in the pictures because my camera didn’t pick it up so well under the bathroom lights.


After that, I just played with the blush on my nose, and put eye shadow everywhere else, including my lips—over some chapstick so it would stay on.


All in all, I had fun with this. I am still not a fan of having much makeup on my face, but I think if I have time again, just playing around is pretty fun!

It’s like getting to be a kid with the benefits of being able to buy what you want as an adult. Yay!

Happy (upcoming) Halloween you all! Now go play in some makeup!


See what everyone else did ♥