Mythical Mermaid


This is my wig wall...

I find that this one image helps people understand the absolute joy and commitment I feel for—and the frequency with which I wear—costumes!


Clearly I have lots of accessories and supplies to work with at home, but I was looking for mythical makeup inspiration, so I headed to my favorite costume shop in Louisville, Caulfield’s.


This mermaid headband with light blue fins became my muse!


And then I found these bedazzled jewels, which I didn’t even know I needed until I saw them!

I realized they would create tons of bang for my buck and could be applied in no time.

Plus they were REALLY sparkly!


This is my pastel set of costume paint. It’s dry and to apply it you use a tiny bit of water and a sponge or small paint brush.

This set costs about $30, so if you don’t see yourself using it often, eye shadow will work as a substitute.

I started by creating a base color on my neck and face with the sponge…

To create the look of scales, I used a short-bristled paint brush and dappled on light blue, then a darker purple.

I kept building the color by adding teal and then light blue to the top.

At this point, I thought it looked pretty good—and it had only taken ten minutes!

Adding the jeweled face decoration was way easier than I thought it would be. It’s like a giant sparkly sticker.

Before the face jewelry sticker, my plan was to glue a TON of confetti to my face using glitter glue (a light-weight adhesive that holds well).

I didn’t end up needing to add a ton though; just a few added shine and an extra scaly look!


More would probably look even better, but I wanted to complete the entire look in 30 minutes.

It makes me crazy when I see elaborate makeup and then realize the application for something like that takes two hours!


To finish things off, I added a blue wig!

And I added a vintage pearl earring to the wig, because mermaids have access to pearls and sea shells.


And here you have it, 30 minutes after I started, I am shimmering, smiling, and absolutely excited for Halloween!

As a kid, I loved to play dress up and it turns out not much has changed.


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