Piñata Bundt Bash


The idea of a piñata cake scared me at first…

It’s a lot of Pinterest-style pressure!

And while sometimes I like a challenge, this one seemed like it was going to be overboard!


The good news…

It was actually super easy and pretty fun, actually! Yay!


It helped that I wasn’t getting all wrapped up in the idea of it being totally from scratch and then also decorated perfectly.

Doing it from a store-bought cake made it so much more fun!


Granted, it is nearly impossible to find a vegan store-bought cake, so this will be the first food challenge I’m bringing to the table that isn’t vegan (insert gasp!)!

I know!

But, as my early posts will tell you, that’s what being “flexi-tarian” means in my mind and house.

So if you want a vegan version, it is a little more work, but, like me, I’m sure you’re used to that.


When following the recipe below, use the photos from this post as a reference point, and before you know it…

You have yourself a piñata cake!


Piñata Bundt


  • Store-bought Bundt Cake
  • Prepared Frosting
  • Sweetened Shredded Coconut (I used a 7-ounce bag)
  • Food Coloring (teal, yellow, purple +red, or colors of your choice)
  • Candy + sprinkles for filling
  • Doughnut from bakery or bread aisle (closest to the same flavor as cake you choose)


  1. Place the cake on whatever surface you choose to serve it on.
  2. Color your coconut, about ¼ to ⅓ cup for each color.
  3. Fill the middle (hole) of cake with your choice of candy and/or sprinkles.
  4. Cut the doughnut to fit the top of the candy and cover the middle of cake (see picture above).
  5. Frost the whole cake; use all the frosting as there needs to be enough on the cake to allow the coconut to stick.
  6. Starting at bottom, one handful at a time, press the coconut into cake, turning and repeating all the way around the cake.
  7. Use the leftover coconut to decorate top of cake.


  • You can also cover the hole of the cake with a cookie or a piece of bread if you’d like—whatever works best!
: @bluebirdandblackberries

: @bluebirdandblackberries

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