Piñata Cookies


I think piñata cakes are incredibly cute, but I wanted to make something way less time consuming.

So for my recipe remix, I turned store-bought cookies into piñata cookies!

I thought the cookie texture should be similar to a Whoopie Pie, and ended up finding very cake-like cookies at Trader Joe’s—with chocolate on one side.


I added store-bought buttercream to a piping bag and created a dam around the cookie’s edge.

Then I iced both sides to make enough space for the candy inside.


I found these sprinkles at TJ Maxx and knew they would be adorable in place of the traditional candy—which would have been too large to have the piñata effect when breaking into it.


A couple drops of gel food coloring into shredded coconut creates the colorful coconut for decorating…


Sandwich the cookies together…


And press the coconut into the frosting.

(I tried five colors, but it was too many, so I just used three.)

They looked pretty cute!

However, you could see the chocolate showing through in a couple of places…


Also some of the sprinkles stuck to the chocolate, so the avalanche effect wasn’t as dramatic.

This might be a good thing though if you want to keep all those sprinkles off your floor!


All in all, I was able to create some very cute piñata cookies in a matter of minutes.

And here is what I learned—any cookies will do!

In fact, using this technique on store-bought chocolate chip cookies might have produced a more successful piñata cookie.


Also, you WILL end up with colored coconut EVERYWHERE!


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