Pop-Up Prom!

All through high school I worked at a dry cleaners as the drop-off laundry and counter help. Once a year we had a sale of the clothing that people dropped off but never picked up. If you payed the cost of the dry cleaning, the clothes were yours.

This is how I bought my prom dress. It was a periwinkle slip dress with a small chiffon “train.” It was most likely a bridesmaid dress, but I thought it was beautiful. Simple, elegant, shiny and mine for the bargain price of $11.99.

I had a modest upbringing. I worked from the time I was 15 so that I could help pay for my expenses—like school trips, gas money, insurance, and prom!

Finding that dress meant so much to me. It meant I could find shoes—silver with straps and a thick heel. Because the dress was a bargain, I was able to buy a purse and a rainbow moonstone necklace I found. I also had enough money for the tickets to the prom and to go out to eat with my friends before the dance.


Luckily my parents never needed help with household expenses. However if things were different, then maybe, even with working an after school job, there might not have been money for prom.

This week’s challenge has me considering all of this and wondering how one goes about helping. I did a little Google searching (I typed “prom dress donation” into the search bar) and found that all over the country there are organizations that set up prom dress experiences for girls who may not otherwise be able to go to their proms.


I found one happening this week about 40 minutes away from Louisville. They collect gently-used formal dresses from the past three years. They also need shoes, purses, and jewelry.

I went to my closet to see what I had to donate.

I totally struck out in the formal dress category; thanks to Rent the Runway, I haven’t bought a new dress in a couple of years. I just rent dresses for events and then return them afterwards. It is wonderful for me, but wasn't so wonderful for my plans to donate.

Thankfully, I have an abundance of accessories, so I was still able to find some really great items that will hopefully make some girl feel extra special for her prom.

Apparently I like statement necklaces...

Shiny earrings...

And anything that sparkles!


It was so exciting gathering up accessories that I was tempted to go buy a bunch of jewelry and donate that too, but then I remembered what this post is really about.

There is something we can all do or some way we can all help.

Small good deeds sometimes go unnoticed, which makes them feel insignificant. Of course, a truckload of purses would be an amazing donation, but to the one girl who falls in love with my old butterfly clutch, a whole truckload would make no difference—she just needs the one.

One person with the intention of helping another one person is a powerful link in a chain that we can all be part of.

And it isn’t the “stuff” that makes this type of event so exciting. It is the community of people united by the desire to spread goodness and positivity.

So, truthfully this week I could have completed the challenge even if I couldn’t find things to donate. All over the country there are pop-up prom dress “stores” being built and run in churches, community centers, schools, and stores and they are always looking for volunteers.

Which has a high probability of being THE MOST FUN EVER!!!

See what everyone else did ♥