Prepping What We Eat + Love


As a mom, and as a mom who works, I should definitely have started doing meal prep long before now.

However, I’ve just never gotten into the whole planning-my-meals-out-ahead-of-time trend.

I am very much a free-spirit type of person, and sometimes that can translate to…procrastination!


However, I am happy to say this challenge served a double purpose for me.

It was good for me in the sense that it gave me more free time to spend with my daughter in the evenings.

Also, I want to have more practice with meal prep because I want to start helping my mother with her diet for health reasons. Prepping meals is a helpful tool to give her more control of what and how much she eats.


That being said, meal prep seemed a little overwhelming when I first thought about it—especially when we decided to put the 30-minute time limit on it.

But then I thought about the foods Jude and I normally eat and love, and how to include some of those rather than coming up with a whole new menu.


My meal prep for the week included cutting fruit for Jude’s lunches and my smoothies, making rice, and making marinated tofu bars to add to quick salads or as protein boosts with my lunches and dinners (I typically do not eat soy, but...).

I decided making the tofu bars was a good prep that my daughter could even help with and would really enjoy eating!

My advice with the meal prep, if you’ve never done it, is to keep it simple. Pick things you normally eat throughout the week or have a tendency to grab when you’re out on the go and short on time.

Also, it’s okay to just start with prepping one kind of meal, like breakfast. Anything that frees up time and mental stress in your day is absolutely worth it!

And if you want, you can do it the way this challenge was set up—give yourself 30 (or even 60) minutes total to get done what you can and let it be what it is. You’ll be surprised to see what you can accomplish!

Happy prepping y’all! 


See what everyone else did ♥