Random Acts of Happy


Recently, after a long, tough week, my husband surprised me with a Happy.

I guess I should start by explaining what a "Happy" is…

When Chris and I got engaged, my Aunt Joan who lives in Mississippi sent us a gift, which she called a Happy. It was a set of sweet, white bird salt and pepper shakers. She explained that in the South, a Happy is a small gift, usually a random gift, that doesn’t require a thank you card.

Ever since then, my husband and I get each other random Happys.


When this week’s challenge for random acts of kindness came up, I was still living on the high of the Happy from my hubs. He bought me a beautiful olive tree for our house, something I had been eying for awhile.

I love getting and giving plants as gifts—I think it’s like offering new life.

So I decided to surprise my friend, Piper, also a plant lover, with a plant and a bottle of wine. She is an incredible stay-at-home mom, who doesn’t take nearly enough time for herself, but is always around to lend a helping hand. 

I picked up a beautiful plant at one of my favorite places in Nashville, Gardens of Babylon, and my favorite Trader Joe’s bottle of bubbly.

The only problem with a random act of kindness is that sometimes a surprise delivery falls on an empty house when the recipient isn’t home! 


I think that random acts of kindness even to a friend or loved one are such a great way to put joy out into the world.

It can be as simple and as low-cost as you want; just making the effort to do something for another person puts such great energy into the universe.

It brings joy to the giver and givee, and can always be done in a naptime or less!


See what everyone else did ♥