Reaping the Water Benefits!


Ahhh, a good ol’ water challenge. Well, I needed this!

I’ve labeled myself as “being better about drinking water.” But when taking a closer look at what I have been drinking in comparison to what I should be…

Well, it wasn’t actually better.

I wasn’t big on drinking water as a kid. I didn’t like that it had no flavor. While I wasn’t a soda drinker (still not, really), I did grow up on Kool-Aid. Yep, the gallon-of-sugar-per-pack kind of deal. My mom would let us kids pick out the flavors, and if we ran out, it was our job to make a new pitcher before dinner. Water wasn’t a focus in our home. Not that my parents didn’t let us know it was important, but they didn’t push it on us either.

Needless to say, water got no love after I tasted that sweet nectar! So as an adult, I’ve tried harder and even learned to love water. I don’t really infuse it with fruit as I think that makes it taste weird instead of better. However, I do like adding a wedge of lemon or lime occasionally; I like the boost of vitamins and the detox effects more so than just the added flavor.


As a parent, I have also been more aware of my daughter’s daily hydration. The goal for a child her age and size is about a minimum of 42 ounces per day. We don’t always get there since she goes to preschool and no one is tracking it there, but we do our best. And we talk about how important it is all the time.

To be honest, there are not a lot of tips and tricks about drinking water. It definitely starts with a mindset. One thing that I have found helpful is an app called Water Minder. It helps you track your daily, weekly, and monthly intake and lets you set your own personal goals. This is my daughter’s favorite because she gets to push the button on my phone and watch the lady fill up with water!


I also like having a glass water bottle to keep refilling. Because it has some weight to it, I’m easily reminded when it’s not in my hand; it’s harder to forget or leave behind.

The benefits are what motivate me most! I notice a big difference in my skin/acne issues and my energy levels when I’m not hydrated. I also notice that my joint and muscle aches are more prominent. Sure, there are products and stretches that can help those things, too, but the truth is, it’s so much easier and accessible (luckily in most parts of our country) to just drink water and reap the benefits!


For this challenge, my goal was to drink 64 ounces a day. I didn’t make it there every day for a week. In reality I made it all the way just twice. The other days were pretty close, but not enough (I’ll leave the breakdown below).

Weekly Water Consumption (in ounces)

  • Monday: 64

  • Tuesday: 36

  • Wednesday: 24

  • Thursday: 64

  • Friday: 42

  • Saturday: 24

  • Sunday: 36

Average Daily Intake: 41 ounces

I encourage you to do something wonderful for your mind, body, and energy level by setting a daily water goal. I promise you will notice a difference!

It feels good to take care of yourself and this is a great way to start! Increasing your daily intake of water also helps curb a sweet tooth and cravings. And if you drink a full 16 ounces before eating meals, it will keep you from overeating.

Best of all, when I’m hydrated I feel better, which makes me want to exercise! The positive takeaways are endless!

So…treat yo’self!


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