Red, White + Blue Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles

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One of my favorite memories when I was growing up was my mom making me grape popsicles every summer.  She used organic, sugar free grape juice and just poured it in ice cube trays, true hippie-style.

Growing up, I was actually never allowed to have sugar. I know, crazy, right?!? I even had to chew sugar-free gum.

So ironically enough I decided to become a pastry chef!

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Now that I’m a mom, I realize that a lot of the things that my parents did that I used to HATElike restricting my sugarwere actually really good choices (my mom is going to love me saying this).

This challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity to recreate my mom’s grape juice popsicles.

I decided to make red, white, and blue fruit and yogurt popsicles using raspberries, blueberries, and Greek yogurt.

The first step is to blend up your raspberries and blueberries until smooth.

I wanted these to have a little extra sweetness, so I added a bit of honey to my plain Greek yogurt. This is a great way to add sweetness to yogurt without the extra preservatives and artificial sweeteners that sometimes come with pre-flavored vanilla or honey yogurts.

You want to put each fruit purée and yogurt in their own separate piping bags. If you don’t have piping bags at home, you can use regular sandwich bags. Keeping the ingredients in bags will help layer them in the popsicle molds more evenly than if you just poured them in. Make sure that each layer is frozen before adding the next.

I hope you enjoy making these popsicles!

And remember, if you never give your children sugar, they become pastry chefs, so just give them the sugar. Everything in moderation, right?

Also, a sweet picture of my sweet doggo!


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