Six Options, Six Different Brands


On the average day, I don’t do anything with my eyebrows and I think I look pretty good.

Here I am in all my natural glory.


But last week, I did notice that even after sleeping on a plane, my eyebrows really looked much better after being penciled in, so I’ve decided to find a way to do it at home if I want to.


I was going to go to Sephora to buy some eyebrow stuff, but then I remembered it’s far from my house.

And more importantly, every time I go in there I’m so intimidated that I end up spending a fortune on makeup I never use. So I headed to a drug store instead.

Even at the drug store I spent quite a bit of money on eyebrow pencils…


There were over 30 options and I was very lost.

However, the woman working there was so helpful and also told me something magical about Walgreens stores: anything you buy, try, and don’t like, you can return with a receipt! Whew!


I picked six options from six different brands and made sure to put my receipt away for safe keeping.

Here’s what I learned about my purchases…

Rimmel - $6.99

Horrible. The top was really thick and hard to control. I looked crazy.


Covergirl Micro Fine - $8.99

I only did the left eyebrow. I found the pencil easy to use—it didn’t break—but the honey color was too dark for every day. They did have other brown options so I might give them a try.


Maybelline - Ultra Slim Brow in brown- $7.99

This was my favorite of the six that I tried (I did the right eyebrow). It was slim but durable, so I could fill my eyebrows in a natural way.

And compared to the Covergirl (left eyebrow), the Maybelline pencil had a better color.


L’Oréal Frame and Set - $8.99

This one was terrible. It wasn’t able to make a defined brow very easily. Also, applying the color evenly was a challenge.


Revlon Colorstay Mousse - $6.59

This product was really hard to use, the color was very dark, AND it made my eyebrows stiff. Yikes!


NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - $7.49

I bought and tried this thinking it was for eyebrows. It was, in fact, just brown mascara. Well, it was a terrible brow pencil, let me tell you.

After I removed all the make up, I marched right back to Walgreens and returned all of the products that didn’t work well for me. I kept the Maybelline Ultra Slim Brow!

And now because of this challenge, I have an answer to how to keep my eyebrows looking good!


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