Spice Girl


My spice drawer is crazy, to say the least. So this challenge is welcomed with open arms!

I feel like these kinds of projects are the very ones that always fall to the wayside! And then when I do think about it or notice it? There’s no time to devote to it!

Well, now that we’re talking about it, there’s no time like the present, right?

Especially when you’ve been challenged!

I have been very preoccupied and busy as of late, so since this is a Jack$on challenge, I wanted to see if I could do this for as cheap as possible.

I succeeded!

How about free?! Oh yeah!


I had mini Ball jars that Damaris gave me earlier this year. I was thinking of using them for gifts around the holidays; however, they were perfect for this!

I only have seven and of course, I have way more spices than that, but I didn’t want to put every spice into the same type of container.

I don’t mind when the spices I buy come in a glass jar instead of plastic or tins. So, I am switching so that everything will be in glass.

I will still need to buy more later, but I looked online and several stores carry Ball jars for $6 to $8 for a 12 pack! That’s well under a Jack$on!


To label my jars, I wanted to use something temporary as I figure I’ll need to switch out spices from time to time. So I‘m just using masking tape for this.

But I’m thinking that later I may sit and paint the lids with chalk paint so they are still interchangeable!

That would be less waste than the tape and give the drawer an overall organized and finished look!


Nothing fancy to my game this week, but it’s practical and that is always my jam!

I like it when it’s simple, cheap, and easy to do! Who doesn’t, right?


I hope this inspires you to look around your house and see what can be done with what you have, or how you can minimally add to what you have to get the look you want.

Keep it cheap y’all!


See what everyone else did ♥