Spiced Pickled Blackberries

I will try quick pickling anything that will sit still long enough for me to make a brine. Refrigerator pickles are simple to make and you don’t have to fuss with actually canning methods of storage...

I inherited my Grammy’s handwritten cookbooks when she passed. I had a grand notion of making every recipe in her books, and for a time I tried, but the thing is her recipes aren’t always as detailed as one might like. Take her pickle recipes, everyone of them calls for “spices” but never mentions which spices those might be.

When you pickle you can use any number of exotic spices to change the flavor.

I make a mixed drink using pickled blackberries and Bourbon. For those pickles, I choose warm spices and smoked salt to mimic some of Bourbon’s undertones.

Equal parts sugar to apple cider vinegar is a helpful ratio to remember when make a variety of pickled fruits and creates a sweet but tart end product.

A little bit a water and a couple minutes on the stove and your pickling liquid is ready to go. Seriously, making icebox pickles takes almost no prep time, but the wait time is excruciating.

Once these little beauties cool, I screw on their lid and stove them in the refrigerator. And tomorrow, they will be ready to create whatever masterpiece I can imagine using pickled blackberries!

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