Spray Paint Doesn't Fix All


A couple of weeks ago, I went into Becca’s Trim The Tree Challenge not feeling super hopeful.

My crafting muscles were rusty and I didn’t exactly have a plan...

But a can of spray paint later, I was ecstatic about my new skills and my awesome Christmas centerpiece!


So when approaching this challenge, I looked to my handy dandy gold spray paint to make my Christmas dreams come true!

But, they didn’t.

Here's what happened...


After losing an apple out of the side of this tote bag, I decided it'd had a good run and was ready to move onto bigger and better things.

So I removed the handles and cut up the ripped side.


I quickly realized that it would be the perfect size for a tin of cookies!

But I had no cookies and I had no tin, so I grabbed an old plastic container to sub in for the time being.


I also noticed that I hadn't needed to cut the bag to make it fit nicely around my "tin."

And then I thought about how cute it would be to give someone cookies wrapped in a tote that they could then use afterwards!

Wonderful thoughts, but my tote bag was beyond repair, so I continued down my path and decided to work with what I had, dressing it up a bit.


Enter my handy dandy spray paint and the bag from my onions (I thought this would allow me to paint a cute patterngenius right?!).


But something went wrong.

The gold spray paint came out matte brown on my fabric, the pattern was barely there, and the more I sprayed, the dirtier the bag looked.


At this moment, I realized I was smack dab in the middle of a #CraftingFail.


But I was determined to fix it!

I love putting wired ribbon on gifts for a really special touch, so maybe that would help?


And I love buying small, inexpensive ornaments to decorate gifts with—maybe that would do the trick?

I threw everything I had at the dirty bag….


And the result was...a dirty bag with some decorations.


In the end, I should have taken a minute to sew the bag, then simply wrap it around a cookie tin and tie it with some fancy ribbon.

Oh well, at least you can learn from my mistakes.

See what everyone else did ♥