Spreading Love + Joy

2018-03-16 21.25.31.jpg

Doing the clothing donation this week was a little difficult for me, only because I have been purging my belongings throughout the entire house for the last couple months.

Ever since the holidays, I have just been wanting my house to be clutter-free and easier to maintain!

With that said, I already got rid of many of my clothes prior to this challenge.

I rummaged through what I had left because I think this challenge is very important and I want to contribute in any way I can. I didn’t have much, but I thought...

There’s someone out there who may just need one or two great outfits to help them get a job, or apply for school, or get a promotion.

You never know.

So, the few pieces I had, I wanted to take to the Kentucky Refugee Ministries to give someone a chance to use the clothes in a way that might be helpful to them somehow.

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I have the amazing blessing in my life to be surrounded by smart, loving, and encouraging women.

And I may not have a personal relationship with the women I am giving these clothes to, but that doesn’t mean I cannot support them, uplift them, and give them encouragement to keep thriving in their dreams.

I think about how many times I have had a friend give me a great dress or blouse that gave me a sense of confidence in my looks and style. They were just getting rid of something they didn’t want anymore, but I was able to feel lifted and empowered by that simple gesture.

If I can give that to someone, why wouldn’t I? Why would I hold on to these items I barely use or need? Even if I still like them, I am inevitably going to get more clothing at some point, so it only makes sense to spread love and joy whenever possible.

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I highly recommend giving to an organization near you that is helping people to empower themselves in the workforce. It’s great to give to Goodwill and it’s an easy go-to for those sorts of things...

But, it’s also great to spread the love around and seek out another place that may have a more specific focus from time to time.

This challenge has also inspired me to persuade friends and neighbors to collect more clothing that may be put to good use!

I don’t have a 9 to 5 career that requires me to have a lot of “work clothes,” but I have many people around me who do!

I can be the vessel that helps them help others!

I’m so happy for this challenge that reminds us of the fact that not only can we help others ourselves, but we can pick up the load for others to give as well!

See what everyone else did ♥