Summer Lovin'...Roses!


Although I am in my late thirties, I feel like I am just starting to understand skin care. It wasn’t something that my family implemented in my childhood and honestly, I didn’t worry much about it before.

Since turning 30, I feel like my skin has undergone some changes—which I know is normal—but it has caused me to pause and think, “Oh, maybe I should figure out some sort of regime for my skin so it doesn’t go bonkers on me!”


That is where I began reading up on basics. And then more specifically into the way even race can play a role in the difference between skin types, balances, acne, etc.

This is kind of hard for me since, like with hair, being biracial means I don’t always fit into a specific category, type, or box that has been studied, and written or blogged about.

So science is a good reminder that trial and error are your friend sometimes.


To make it even more difficult, I try not to use anything unless it has natural ingredients. Bonus if it has organic ingredients (not always in the budget).

However, I have learned with skin and hair, more often than not, you get what you pay for.

My favorite is to make DIY, but I have not been able to make a face wash or cream that I have loved. Please feel free to share the knowledge if you have something I need to try!


With this challenge, I knew that I had to brag on my go-to for refreshing and hydrating qualities—the rose! I have really gotten into rosewater, rosehip oil, toner, etc.

All of these products are definitely under $20, and you can even grab a couple of them for under a Jack$on!

2018-06-13 19.10.48-1.jpg

My new favorite toner is by Thayer’s. As for rosewater, I like to mix it in for masks, treatments, or use as a hydrating mist!

I buy the Heritage Store brand, because it is food grade. For me, when something is edible, that means its pure—which is what I want for my body, hair, and skin.

I find the toner and rosewater at my local health food store. My rosehip oil is by Radha Beauty, and I found it on Amazon.

These products are pretty self-explanatory. The toner can be used after cleansing the face using a cotton ball or pad to wipe over the skin.

The water can be spritzed on or, like the toner, applied using a cotton pad.

And the roeship oil is something I like to use after a clay mask, or if I have blemishes or scarring. Rosehip oil is wonderful for healing.


So, as it turns out, a rose is not just a rose, it’s a wonder flower!


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