Sweater Wreath


Christmas is my favorite time of year!

When we were in our apartment, I delegated precious space to Christmas decorations. But I always cut myself off at one box to avoid having a closet full of decorations that were really only used one month out of the year.

Now, with an empty basement ready to be filled up with seasonal décor, I was ready for this challenge! I was also ready because of the cost-saving aspect—owning and outfitting a home is expensive!

Plus, it’s just fun to make something out of nothing.


When looking for inspiration, I came across the idea of a sweater wreath, like the one above from Stone Gable.

The idea felt so cozy and warm and I knew I had some sweaters that were ready to be upcycled.

I went to my closest and found two sweaters that fit the bill color-wise. They also had enough holes and pilling so that I didn’t think I would be heartbroken about upcycling them.


I decided I did need to buy one thing—a wreath base. Without it I felt like I didn’t even know where to start.

Luckily they sell straw bases (like the one below) at the craft store for only $4.


I laid out my sweaters and thought, “this could work!”

The grey sweater was more the vibe I was going for, so I thought he would be my first victim. Then I could wait to see if I needed the gold.


Getting started proved more difficult than expected, simply because I was so afraid to cut my sweater up. I haven’t cut a piece of clothing in many years and it just felt wrong.

I love this sweater!

Well correction, I used to love it. Every time I wear it I tell myself I can’t leave the house because of the two gaping holes in its center.

Okay, okay, it’s time to let go…


I decided to separate the different patterns of the sweater. So I removed the base, sides, and arms. Then I cut the front and back pieces in two, creating four long rectangles.


And then I started wrapping…

I had looked around the craft store for the U-pins that the Pinterest version talked about, but couldn’t find them anywhere. So to secure the sweater material to the wreath base, I used metal wire I had on hand for hanging pictures.

If I had the pins I would have been able secure everything more neatly, but the wire was not a terrible option, and hey, I saved another buck.


I twisted the wire around itself to secure and tighten it. I first outfitted the whole wreath in the main sweater material, and then I started to tie on some of the accents I had cut off from the other parts of the sweater.


I was generally really happy with my wreath. It just looked a little ragged on the ends and I wanted it to be a touch more plush and cushiony.

But I had used every inch of the sweater to wrap around the wreath base, so to bulk it up I would need more material.

And all the other sweaters in my closet were hiding from my scissors and me.


I rummaged through my Christmas decorations and found some ribbon and a string of beads to give the wreath a little sparkle (I like gaudy decorations, so this is pretty understated for me!).

And Voila!


If I was going to spend some extra time and money, I might buy some nice thick yarn to wrap around the wreath, like the wreath in my inspirational picture. And maybe I’d go to the thrift store to see if they had any good sweaters. If I had more material and those U-pins to secure the sweater, I could also fold over the ends of the sweater pieces for cleaner edges.

But considering I made this almost completely from things I already had—and in only 15 minutes—I am walking away happy!

And as soon as I can actually find my wreath hook (eh, moving sucks), I will proudly hang my winter sweater wreath on the door!


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