Tea (or Coffee!) Party

I’ll admit—when I first read the details of this upcycling challenge, nothing really jumped into my brain.

It might be that after living in NYC for 16 years I don’t have a lot of clutter or things I need to get rid of.

If I’m not using it or it’s worn out, plain and simple—I give it away.

But I realized there is one exception to my minimalist rule: coffee cups.

And with baby bottles and wine glasses competing for precious space, this challenge reminded me it was high time for all of those underutilized coffee cups to go.

Over the years, some have been gifts, while others are part of a basic white set I bought way back when.

And some (I swear!) appeared out of thin air.

So even though I knew I wanted to get rid of or re-purpose them, I sat and stared at these cups and thought, “Now what?”

It wasn’t until I was watching my daughter splash in her $5.00 kiddie pool (best money I've ever spent, by the way) in my garden that it hit me.

Put some flowers in those coffee cups and use them as centerpieces!

I’m always looking for something to put on my table that doesn’t take up a lot of space and—possibly more importantly—is short enough for dinner party friends to "cheers" above (I do a lot of cheersing 😉).

As a group, all of the coffee cups I wanted to re-purpose went surprisingly well together.

Granted, I decided not to use the mug with my nieces’ beautiful faces on.

Or the one with the faded (but very much still there) words “Coffee Makes Me Poop.”

All in all, the whole project was easy and turned out so nicely! Now I can save money on all of those cut flowers I used to buy to decorate my table!

And yes, these coffee cups don’t have holes in their bottoms, so there is no drainage, but I actually garden almost completely with pots sans drainage and I find it works out just fine (if you’re interested, read more about my garden here!).

So sift through your cupboards for those coffee cups that seemed destined for a different kind of entertaining...

Add a little soil, some flowers, and Voila!

See what everyone else made ♥