Thanks, it's Rented

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I was psyched when Becca proposed this challenge!

I’m big on renting clothes and I can’t seem to keep quiet about it in my personal life, so I might as well talk about it on the Internet. Renting is great for me for a few reasons: (1) I’ve always wanted to be a bit more fashionable than I am, (2) I like to get dressed up, and (3) I love going to my closet and pulling out that new thing I just got (the only problem being that there aren't usually any new things in there).

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You'd think it would be easy to make a point of getting new things, but the thing is, I get a bit of buyer's remorse after purchasing new clothes. Knowing this, while I'm at the store, I end up debating my purchases to a sometimes embarrassing degree. And then once I do decide on my prized possession and get it home, two seconds later I sit on a blueberry and stain those new white pants (true story, and the stain never came fully out).

And so I’m heart broken.

And I save my good stuff so it doesn’t get ruined and end up throwing on the same t-shirt and jeans day after day. Then before you know it, I've washed that t-shirt too many times and it looks like crap, too, and I start to feel again like I have nothing to wear.

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My solution to all of this started with Le Tote. Their clothing is casual, but everything is of good quality and has some sort of fun element to it, like the pink stripe down the back of my shirt in the picture above.

After taking a little quiz on their Web site and giving them feedback as I went along, they ended up seriously nailing my style, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten something that doesn’t fit. I love it and at times have had two subscriptions (don’t tell my husband, haha).

So I seriously never have to shop again!

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After finding so much success with Le Tote, I started wondering about other companies and decided to try Rent the Runway.

Rent the Runway (RTR) started because people were sick of paying $200+ for a dress for a wedding, then wearing it only once or twice. RTR has an Unlimited program that is much more expensive than Le Tote, but for your money, you get all designer stuff.

I can’t say I’m sold on it yet, though I have found cute things like the romper above and this red top I wore on Wendy Williams (below).

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The thing with Rent the Runway is that they often send me clothing that's the wrong size. So instead of benefiting from on online company's magical ability to figure out my size (Le Tote!), I'm forced to look through tons of RTR reviews, and to make my best guest when it comes to size (I'm usually wrong).

But yes, I still have subscriptions to both Le Tote and Rent the Runway, and as a result, the only thing I've actually needed to go to the store and buy over the last six months is a pair of jeans.

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Bottom Line: If you can get over the fact that someone has likely worn the clothes before you, it is a pretty awesome way to ensure there's always something new in your closet. You also don't have to worry about blueberry mishaps any more (they provide insurance)!

The question is, what do you say when you get compliment after compliment on your wardrobe? Do you respond with “Thanks, It’s Rented!” or do you keep that little fact to yourself?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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