The Cleanest Glass—with a Kentucky Twist!


This past week I was out with a friend thrifting and I found the most beautiful vintage decanters and individual salt and pepper shakers!

I’ve decided that I’m going to put all my bourbon in old decanters to make it look cool and fancy!


However, the problem is vintage glass often looks a little bit dingy.

I love the intricate details, but those crevices tend to collect grime, and using soap often leaves a film that makes the glass look cloudy.

But no worries, I have a solution I learned from my mom!

Growing up we cleaned glass with vinegar. Every window in the house was sprayed down with white distilled vinegar and wiped off with newspaper.

And while vinegar is a fantastic natural cleaner for glass, sometimes “sick” glass requires a little bit more elbow grease—or in this case—baking soda and rice.


All you do is fill your glass container up halfway with uncooked rice, then pour vinegar up to the end of the rice. When you add a tablespoon of baking soda, a chemical reaction will occur creating tons of bubbly cleaners.

When the fizzling stops, add a top and shake. The rice becomes a scrubby for any grime on the inside of the glass.

Rinse with water a couple of times and TADA!!!!

You have clear sparkling glass that is food safe, because it was made to sparkle with food. 


If your glasses are extra grimy, repeat the rice and vinegar step a couple of times.

Rinse, and then you can fill with your favorite bourbon!

The next time you’re having a party, not only is it going to be fun, but it’s also going to look very, very classy.


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