The Power of Words


When thinking about this challenge, a couple of different ideas ran through my head…

I thought about randomly buying the groceries or coffee for the person behind me in line, or dropping off a meal to someone at the retirement home nearby.

And while these were great ideas, I started thinking about how many times I mean to do something or say something kind to someone and don’t.

How many times have you thought you liked someone’s hair or dress, but never actually complimented them? Or been genuinely impressed with a project you saw them working on through Facebook, but never said “Congrats!”?


There are so many times that I think someone is awesome, but I never tell them—especially people that I don’t know super personally.

I stop myself from saying something kind or complimenting them.

I guess I’m afraid they will think I’m being too nice, but can anyone ever be “too nice”?


So I decided to reach out to some people I know casually and tell them “congrats,” or that I thought what they were doing was brave, thoughtful, or truly funny.

Most of this was done through Instagram or Facebook as these were more casual friends, and I contacted one of the people through text. I simply sat down and said out loud the nice things I had already been thinking.

Even through the screen, I could sense their excitement.

Almost more because it was random, and we aren’t best friends, I feel like my words were felt deeper.

How nice would it be to receive a genuine compliment out of the blue?

It would easily brighten my day.

I’m not sure exactly what has held me back from sharing these thoughts before, but in this short exercise, I have felt what the power of words can be, and I have closer friends for it.

So maybe it’s time to feel the power of saying something out loud.  


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