The Subtle 8-Second Brow


When I was 15, I got my first acting manager in New York City.

When I was 18, I found an acquaintance from high school that was going to NYC, jumped in their car and made the move to truly see if I had what it took to make it in the Big Apple.

A few big appearances and plenty of little ones later, I found myself doing more hosting and voice over work than anything else.

Around this time, I decided to use those hosting chops to share my love of cooking.

And here we are.


I bring up this story to not only share some great #TBT headshots, but to tell you about the first time I even looked twice at my brows.


In 2009 a new agent I was meeting with sat on her high horse, scrutinizing my face and trying to figure out what was “wrong with it.”

Something was “bugging her,” and at the top of the list were my brows. She said my face looked unfinished.

Though she might have been right, I wasn’t ready to hear it, especially from her.

I came home, tried once to pencil in a brow, felt ridiculous, and moved on.


Looking back at these headshots, I have to admit my brows could have used a little help.

Though I was going for that fresh, clean, young look, I still could have played the college kid who also had good brows.


In 2013, my time on Food Network Star was my first experience having someone do my makeup on a daily basis. And these talented ladies always wanted to get their hands on my brows!

I finally handed over the reins and got some help, though I often lightened up their work in the bathroom later (sorry, Jackie!).


When I came back from shooting, I was committed to figuring out this whole brow thing at home.

I talked to someone at Sephora and walked out with this Clinique Brow Shaper.


My eyebrows are so light and sparse that there is no need for plucking (I’ve actually never had someone pluck or wax my brows), but they do need a little filling in—in the most natural way possible.


So I swipe on some of this eyeshadow-like powder, and 8 seconds later, I’m done!


It’s not much, but it does make a difference, and completes my look.


I even do it when I’m doing my “quick makeup routine,” which in addition to my eyebrow “shadow,” involves foundation, blush, and mascara.


It’s always hard to change something in your beauty routine. Put lipstick on when you normally don’t and it can be jarring!

So in some ways, I still feel like I’m getting used to this whole idea of a brow.


If you are looking for a subtle something and maybe you’ve never done anything, give it a try!

Or maybe just try some eye shadow in the right shade for your brows. I have a feeling that this product is just eye shadow with a different brush. I’ll try that on our Instagram Story this week and let you know!


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