There's An App for That!


Over the years I’ve slowly integrated more natural products into my life.

It really started with choosing more organic and natural foods, then I moved on to beauty supplies, and more recently, cleaning supplies.

In the past I never really thought about how those chemicals I used to clean my toilet could also end up in my blood stream.

However, I will be honest and tell you that I am also too lazy to make my own products.


I tend to just buy the most natural brand I can find, wherever I happen to be.

But just because it says “natural” on the label, how do you know? They can call something “fat-free” at the grocery store and it’s still full of calories.

Labels can be deceiving and I don’t really have the time to be deciphering them...

...In comes the Think Dirty app!


This app has you scan the bar codes of your go-to products and then rates them, giving you reasons as to why they are good or bad.

When thinking about this week's challenge, I realized I hadn’t used the app in a good year or two, and so I was excited to check out what was under my kitchen sink.


I tend to have more natural products than not, but there are still a couple of things that came in really high on the Dirty Scale (the scale goes from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst/dirtiest).

For instance, this Chlorox cleaner (above) got a 7.


And this cleaner my cleaning lady gets up in the Bronxit works like magic, but I have a feeling it’s as far from natural as it gets.


However, I was happy to see some of my baby products getting good ratings!

But as I was scanning my products, I found that a good amount of them weren’t in the systemwhich was surprising because they included some pretty common brands.


So I’m 50/50 on my recommendation for this app.

It’s definitely helpful, when it works...but all of these products below didn’t come up.

That being said, it’s free, so I guess why not download and try!


See what everyone else did ♥