These Are the People I Am Growing Old With


I travel for work very often.

In a week, I'm away from Louisville at least three nights, usually more. In fact, I am writing to you from Santa Rosa, California. I’ve been here three days and will fly to Los Angeles and then to New York before I am home again.

All this to say that when you are in a different city, it is hard to spend time with the people you love.


I take friendship very seriously.

I invest my time, energy, and talent into these very important relationships because in my life my friends are a constant source of joy.


And here is the truth of it: I have a LOT of friends.

Not acquaintances, not people I used to be close withreal true friends with whom I share my joys and sorrows.

People with whom I can dream and create, people who teach me things, people who I have chosen as priorities in my life.  


When I imagine aging, these are the people I am growing old with.

And even though I know these relationships are key to my happiness, sometimes because I am blessed with lots of people in my life, it feels like there is never enough time.


I caught myself telling someone the other night, that,

I can’t make any new friends! I am all booked up!

And I said it as a joke, but quickly realized the truth of it. There are only so many days in this lifetime, and when you add in work, family (whom are also some of my best friends!), partners, and friends, it starts to be overwhelming to think about how little time there really is…

I was very excited for this challenge because It was the perfect excuse to see Patty and Coby and it was kinda work, so it was like doubling my time!

Darrick and I go on $30-dollar dates and so I figured a $20-friend date was no problem!

Here was the plan: make spaghetti and invite Patty and Coby over for dinner and game night.

The house was cleaned, the boardgames were ready, and then... 

I realized Darrick and I overbooked our house. Earlier in the month Darrick had invited some of his co-workers for dinner on the very same night...So onto plan B!

...But the truth is, I didn't have a plan B. And that’s where I failed this challenge. In order to spend little money on a great time, you have to spend time planning it. I am short on time these days and so the fiscal part of this challenge, I failed.


When I was getting ready for the evening, I remembered their Patty's and Coby's Christmas presents were still under the tree and I had a little moment of sadness when I realized I hadn’t seen them over the holidays.

These two women are pivotal in my life as a chef and absolutely an inspiration when it comes to partnership.

It was a nice reminder to me to be even more thoughtful about connecting and maintaining these friendships.


We ended up getting together, and instead of having Patty and Coby over to the house, we went to one of our old favorites, El Mundo.

A small, colorful restaurant with great drinks and flavorful food.


The happy hour cocktails were close to $20, so technically if I wanted to stick to the challenge, we could have just stopped there…

But that was NEVER gonna happen!


We kept goingwith food and margaritasand caught up over laughter and a few near-tears.

It was wonderful, and although I bombed on the price tag, every single penny spent was spent investing in friendship!

And when I left them that evening, I was smiling, happy, and thankful for the gift of Patty and Coby in my life. ♥


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