Thought of the Day


I have always wanted to get on the journaling train. I know all of the health benefits of clearing your mind and unpacking everything from the day. And I’ve attempted many times and many approaches to start journaling—from starting first thing in the morning to writing down anything and everything that comes to mind.

The problem that I always encounter is finding the time, and actually keeping up with it.

This week I am challenging the girls to put their thoughts to paper—to journal for a week—and see where it goes!

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For Christmas, my mom put a Thought of the Day journal in my stocking, and I decided to commit to writing in it every night before bed. Sometimes I write things that I want to get off my chest for the day, some days I just write whatever the quote sparks in my mind.

The great part about this journal is that the room to write is so small it doesn’t seem intimidating or daunting at all.

No matter how long my day is, I can always find the time to write a few lines down. 

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Getting in the habit of writing a little each day has been really refreshing.

Some days it comes easy, other days I only write a few words, but regularly putting a few words down—pen on paper—has made me feel a little lighter at the end of the day.

And starting out small has actually given me the inspiration to write more and more each night.

The best part about writing in a Thought of the Day journal is that it can always be done in a naptime or less.

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See what everyone else did ♥