Tidying Up in a Naptime or Less

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So like many of you, I hopped on the tidying-up train…

I can’t get enough of Marie Kondo and her show, and have even watched some episodes twice. I roped my mom into the show as well, and found out she read the book years ago, which she gifted to me.

I have lofty dreams of taking an entire week off work, just to Marie Kondo the $h!t out of my house!

But as anyone who has a baby knows, my time is not my own...


For a while I was really overwhelmed with everything I felt I needed to accomplish around the house.

After a full day of work at the restaurant, coming home and trying to squeeze in some precious time with the babe before she went to bed didn’t leave much room for food or laundry—let alone tidying up my house.

The motto I have been trying to live by lately is getting things done “in a naptime or less.” This means setting smaller goals for myself in order to get as much work, cooking, laundry, tidying, etc. done during the baby’s naptime—or in even less time.

Then instead of feeling bad about what I didn’t get accomplished, I’m impressed at the way I figured out how to do everything in a shorter period of time.


So when the babe went down for a nap, I started on the Marie Kondo challenge!

I used her method of storing like things, as well as re-purposing boxes to organize into smaller categories.

Who knew I had so many pens and markers?!?

Who knew I had so many pens and markers?!?

This challenge took me 23 minutes.

Was it perfect?


Do I still wish I had an entire week to dedicate to the KonMari method, and could go through the process in the proper stages?


But my “in a naptime or less” approach has given me a little sanity, and allowed me to make a small dent in my long to-do list, one little nap at a time.

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