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I tend to get weird when buying things for myself. When we were kids, my family didn't get tons of new things. So on those rare occasions when I did get a new sweater or a shiny new toyit was to be PRIZED!

Because of this, it seems I'm always overthinking purchases and rarely ever spending much money on myself. I think this is why when I was browsing through Black Friday ads this week, I was feeling pretty uninspired. UNTIL I saw...


We haven’t bought many toys for Ivy. The ones she has were mostly gifted to her, and besides those, she still thinks boxes are awesome and reorganizing drawers makes for a seriously fun afternoon.

So when I saw those toys, I got really excited about buying her somethingespecially something for under $20!

I’m torn between this kitchen set and scooter (both from Walmart). Ivy adores the kitchen sets at her play groups and though this one might not be of the same quality (for $15, it can’t be, right?!), I bet she'll still love it.

And though she has never set foot on a scooter and has only learned to walk in the last six months, she always tries to steal other kids' scooters at the park, so she seems really into them.

As an inexperienced toy-buyer, I'm wondering what you think. Are these good or bad gift ideas for an 18-month old?

Help me out by leaving your thoughts in the comments below!

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