Trendy Beauty Experiment


Charcoal beauty products are everywhere—toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, masks. You name it, it’s out there, made with activated charcoal.

My skin care regime is pretty much nonexistent, which truthfully means that no matter how great any charcoal mask is, I probably won’t use it on a regular basis.

So I decided to review an inexpensive mask. I found the one above at the drugstore—$4.99 for four masks.

And the bonus is that it only takes one minute to work!

Admittedly, my skin looks okay at a distance, but when I photograph it up close, it’s a bit more humbling.

The change to cooler weather always dries out my forehead, and this October is no different.


To get started, you rip open the package and squeeze the mask out like toothpaste.

It’s a bit messy and you end up with a lot of garbage that can’t be recycled. I wish it came in a pump container.


It goes on easy and heats up pretty quickly, and I have to say I enjoyed the heating aspect!

However, because it has a bit of an icy hot tingle, it would probably not be so good if it got into your eyes.


I kinda wish it dried up; this mask stays moist and a little oily-feeling.


After one minute (I left mine on for three because I was taking photos), you just wipe it off with a damp wash cloth.


Don’t worry—the charcoal won’t stain your washcloth!

Immediately after removing the mask, my skin was still a little tingly and very pink, but the dry skin was gone!

But I would guess that has more to do with the exfoliating nature of the washcloth than the mask itself.


My skin felt softer. Moisturizer would have been a big help at that point…


Twenty minutes after removing the mask, my skin still felt alive, but the color had calmed down. My face looked clean...

All in all it was kinda fun!

Did it purify my skin? I have no idea, but I would guess that using any kind of mask on a regular basis would promote better skin care habits with me, and that would result in an improvement.

I mean, the result of me using this mask was that I couldn’t wait to put on some lotion, which I NEVER do (and I wonder why my forehead is dry!).

Now, to end this experiment in trendy beauty products, I’m gonna go put on an intense moisturizing mask and watch an episode of This Is Us.


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