Unwind + Relax


I will admit, I never used to take care of my skin. My nightly routine included brushing my teeth, flossing, and then falling asleep with my makeup on.

Recently, however, I have started incorporating self-care things into my nightly routine. It helps me unwind from the day, and allows me to carve out a little piece of time just for me.

My go-to nightly routine only consists of four steps, and there is probably so much more that I can do, but it is quick and simple, and works for me.

I start off my cleaning my face with a Burt’s Bees facial wipe; this takes off all my makeup grime from the day. Then I use an Almay eye makeup remover wipe to get the reminder of my eye makeup off.


The item I have started using that is my absolute favorite is my BEAUTYCOUNTER eye cream.

I noticed that after having a baby, and working longer hours, my eyes were looking more tired, and they needed a little TLC.

I put a tiny drop on my ring finger and lightly work the cream in under my eye and on my top lid.


Last but not least, is my overnight moisturizer; I really don’t hold back on lathering it on. It’s Burts Bees, and I love how creamy it is. 

After my facial routine, I brush and floss, put some relaxing lavender oil on my hands and neck, and crawl into bed.

I can’t sleep without an eye pillow, so down the eye pillow goes, and I am out!

Finding time to add things into your daily routine is never easy, but it is so, so important to steal away time just for you and your self care.


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