Water Bottles Around the House


This is my 64-ounce Hydroflask. My initial approach to this challenge was to fill this “little” baby up and drink the whole thing by the end of each day...

Well…that didn’t work because it’s actually really big and heavy.

Also I’d like to start by saying that for the first few days, I had to go to the bathroom OFTEN! So if I had been traveling for work or couldn’t stop to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, the whole challenge would have been much different.


We all know that drinking water is wonderful for us, but everyone I know says they don’t drink enough water. So I wanted to figure out how I could solve this in my own life.

I thought long and hard about my water consumption and what impacts the amount of water I drink.

Here’s what I realized:

  1. Drinking water from a plastic disposable water bottle just isn’t for me.

  2. I like icy cold water—32 degrees where the ice has time to soften is ideal.

  3. I despise condensation.

These three factors led me to the magical world of insulated metal thermoses. There are many different brands and all work well with a few minor differences based on your preferences.


On the days when I worked out, I found it easy to drink the 64 ounces, but then got to wondering, because I worked out, should I have increased my water consumption on those days?


Also having water next to me in bed helped remind me to drink it. I just cannot sleep without water next to me, and the upside to having a lid is that my cats can’t drink out of it.


The truth is as long as I had a thermos with ice water near me, I found that drinking 64 ounces was no problem.


So I decided to fill up four 20-ounce bottles at the beginning of the day and place them around the house.


One went by the bed...


One went in the car…

One went in our kitchen…


And one went in the living room.


I tried a water app too, but found that I consistently missed the “drink water” reminder because I usually keep my phone on silent and not on me. But I could see how this would be helpful to someone more connected with their phone.

I feel great!

And besides having four water bottles to clean every day, there were no negatives to this challenge!


See what everyone else did ♥