What Will the Future Hold? Prognostication!

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New Years Eve is a strange night. Everywhere you go it feels like everyone is waiting for something to happensomething big, like in When Harry Met Sally, when Harry runs across town to find Sally and tell her he loves her right at the stroke of midnight.

But if you're like me, that type of magical thing has never, ever happened to you.

And so, on New Years Eve, it's up to each of us to make our own magic happen!

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My husband, Darrick, believes that New Year's Eve is an omen into the upcoming year.

He feels that the way you spend the evening somehow foreshadows the next 365 days.

Because of this, we tend to set ourselves up to have pretty great time!

One year we cashed in all of our change and used the proceeds to play Pac-Man at a dive bar with our best friends...

One year we picked up carryout, then wrote and recorded a song together...

One year we went to a big band concert and danced until we collapsed...

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And then...we prognosticated.

Darrick, a couple of friends, and I all dressed in theatrical sparkly stuff...

We each chose one medium to use for shedding light on the upcoming yearthings like tarot card reading, crystals, spirit animals, palm reading, or tea leaf reading.

Then we party hopped, stopping at ALL of the parties we were invited tobig and small. We stayed at each for one hour, blowing in like tornadoes, sharing some predictions, then disappearing back into the night.


And so every year now we are prognosticators for the evening!

I think of us as versions of "Harry," whisking ourselves into each party with news and good will, sharing fun, well wishes, and a little bit of meaning on a night when many of us desperately crave it.

If you are so inclined, my $20 New Year's Eve suggestion is for you to prognosticate!

Spend your money finding something you are comfortable with. I found tons of options on Amazon for well under $20, which leaves enough cash to also buy a Trader Joe's bottle of sparkling wine or something costume-y to wear!

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To figure out what exactly you're doing, there are tons of books at the library you can borrow for free!

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And in addition to finding things on Amazon, most supplies can be found at craft stores, trinket shops, or other online retailers.

You can embrace the usual, metaphysical type of fortune tellinglike palm reading, crystals, or tarot cards.

Or you can use religious inspirationlike giving out small tokens of the Saints or writing different Bible passages on pieces of paper, then having each person draw one to pray on.

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And of course it's totally okay to be creative!

Last year I made my own cards by creating a list of word and then doodling what I thought each word looked like.

It made it easy to "read" the cards because I knew exactly what each one meant.

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Whatever you choose it will be more fun if you're dressed the part and with friends, so find a couple of adventurers and be brave!

And remember, it's not about having the answers. It's about giving people a chance and holding space for them to ask the question.

See what everyone else did ♥