Who Needs a Diaper Bag?!

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There are so many gadgets and “new” things that you get to buy or register for when you have a baby. But I have found that sometimes re-purposing something that you already own is the best solution...

This was true when my husband and I were deciding on a diaper bag to take on our recent family vacation to Colorado. We wanted something that was discrete, practical, and could serve multiple purposes.

We decided to use a backpack that we had previously used as a day-hiking pack. It was lightweight, fit everything that we needed, and we had enough room to add some of our hiking items as well!

It was the perfect accessory to run around with in town, and to use to go hiking!

The other accessory a friend told me to bring while traveling with a baby is dog bags. You put dirty diapers in them, tie them up, and they can hang out in your bag until the next trashcan! This came in super handy while on the airplane and hiking—when trashcans weren’t readily available.

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