You Meant $40 Beauty Products, Right?!


I thought this challenge would be relatively easy...

I went into my bathroom, picked out some of my favorite products, and sat down to write about them. Since this is an All About The Jack$on$ challenge, I then checked to see the exact cost of each product.

Well let me tell you, each item was not less than $20, and definitely not less than $10!

You might be asking why I was so surprised by this, as I’m the one who bought them. Well, I buy everything online, many times with other products in one order, and though I always closely note the overall price of my order, I guess I just wasn’t paying attention to how much each individual item cost.


The products that I was hoping to share (and will anyway!) are tinted moisturizers with sunscreen in them. My two favorite are Coola Mineral Sunscreen and Beautycounter's Dew Skin.

I like the Coola because it’s very dry and light, so it leaves my skin feeling very natural. And I'm into the Beautycounter because it really does replace my moisturizer for the day, so I put just that on and I’m done. I also find it gives a little more coverage.

On days I’m running errands or just running around the playground, I find that these and a little mascara make me feel pretty good-to-go.

Of course, as I not-so-subtly hinted, they are not cheap. They are $38 and $45, respectively, Eeek. But since these really are three products in onesunscreen, moisturizer and foundationI guess you could almost call them a bargain. Almost?


However! I do have one free product to help balance the scales!

Baby wipes!

Now of course these are not technically free, but I’m using something I already have at home for another purpose, so I’m going to put them in the "free-ish" category.

New York City can feel oppressive when the temperature really rises. And if you are also carrying around a toddler and everything that goes with her, you can start to feel less-than-fresh.


A couple swipes though with a baby wipe and I just feel better. Especially with a swipe between the boobs (TMI?)!

It just gives me a little boost for taking on the heat, and since the wipes are made for baby bums, they are super mild with no residue.

So if you see me taking a little “bath” while waiting for the 6 Train, don’t think it’s weird. Just ask me for a wipe and get ready to take on the (hot) day!


See what everyone else did ♥