You're My City, Louisville


I was born and raised in Louisville.

What I love most about my city is not just the hospitality, but the fact that it's a small-town-with-a-large-city-feeling place.

People in Louisville are easily connected in the same way that they are in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, lol. 


But then again, as I’ve grown, so has my city. So there are more people from other states, countries, and continents to meet and learn from.

I love it!


Louisville is also a food city, and I love food!

There are constantly new cuisines to explore, and fun shops and boutiques popping up!

When I go to a place I’ve never been, I like to explore through my senses—taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight. 


Maybe everyone does it that way, but I just like to put it into perspective, or paint a picture so to speak.

Let’s walk through the senses, shall we?



Some of the places in Louisville I like to eat at are Mayan Café, El Mundo, Shiraz Mediterranean, and Kashmir Indian cuisine. These places give me all the spices and bold flavors I crave in my dishes.

I realize there’s not a Southern place on that list, but that’s okay. I would say the Southern food flavors happen more in my home cooking than in my outings.



I recently went to a free jazz concert in Central Park, here in town. It was such a lovely night and time to spend outdoors. Droves of people came to sit in the amphitheater and let the cool sounds of a sax and bass wash over them.

Things like this happen often in my city. There are also outdoor movie showings, plays, races, walks, festivals, and the fair in August.

I think Louisville does a good job engaging its community and creating venues to offer.



The Speed Art Museum is a treasure to this city’s culture. Not only are there amazing exhibits to see, but in recent years, they have added a theater that plays documentaries, Sundance-style films, shorts, and Indie films.

There are wonderful rooms filled with paintings, sculptures, and artifacts to peruse. Downstairs in the “basement” area is a creativity cave of kids’ imagination and play! You can play with light installations, dance in neon projection, and make just about any craft or picture you can dream up!

My daughter is a huge fan of this place! As am I!


Louisville is not just my home, but my playground! I enjoy finding new spaces to examine, investigate, and experience.

It is a city full of people ready to get moving, have fun, and help each other.

I am truly fond of my hometown, which is why I’m still here. I love my ever-growing, busy little corner of the world, Louisville. It has been and always will be a major part of my heart. ♥


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