Our Mission

We are not the shiniest, or the coolest. Our lives are not perfect. Our houses are sometimes messy, our dinners often thrown together, and our outfits may or may not involve sweat pants, but we are happy.

Each of us, in our different ways, are building lives that are grounded in thoughtfulness, generosity, creativity, patience, and gratitude. These are not especially hip traits. You don’t see a ton of #kindness or #goodness trending on social media. And let’s be honest, being deliberate with all aspects of our lives lacks the comedic relief of say sarcasm or self deprecating humor. Thankfully we are just goofy enough, adventurous enough, clumsy enough to keep things very interesting. That is what we hope to share with you.

This is a website for intentional living. The ideas and projects are all designed to help us be a little more purposeful with our choices and actions for everyday life. We want to share, create and explore real life in a way that is approachable and exciting. We want to build a network of people who we can connect with so that inspiration is a two way street and so that friendship is fostered and grown.

We can’t promise that we have it all figured out, it won’t always be pretty and we won’t always be successful, but you can trust that we will always give it our best.

xo becca, nikki, damaris, terra xo